Author Visits

There's nothing better than a good story well told, except maybe an icy popsicle on a piping hot day...or a daring adventure with your besties...or a slice of warm chocolate cake. I'm sorry. Where were we? Oh, yes. Author visits.

Did you know Moka Boka author Charlie Wollborg loves to visit schools, libraries and conferences? He's a fantastic guest reader, bringing the books to life with crazy voices, silly sound effects and a vivid multimedia display.

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Charlie is also a dynamic presenter who gets students fired up about writing their own stories, using technology in creative ways and starting their own businesses. He's delivered workshops, TED talks and keynotes at countless schools, universities and conferences from SXSW to Michigan Student Leadership State Conference and several TEDx events.

"My students couldn’t wait to read about the next adventure that Teddy and Roosevelt took! Charlie brings the characters to life with his enthusiastic reading of these one of a kind treasures!"

Karen Henmueller, Second Grade

Creativity and imagination are two things a child should never be without

When Charlie co-founded Moka Boka in 2016, our team set out with a few simple goals:

  • Make children's faces light up with big smiles
  • Bring families together over stories that are fun for everyone
  • Encourage wild imaginations
  • Stretch the boundaries of possibility
  • Fill lives with wide-eyed wonderment
  • Get children excited about reading stories and telling their own tales

Our guest reader, author visits and creativity workshops pursue these goals beyond the Moka Boka adventure book series. Invite Charlie Wollborg to bring the magic of Moka Boka to your school, library or conferences. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Email to book at date.

"Charlie’s engaging personality and fun writing style left my students feeling inspired to create!"

Patricia Lareau, Third Grade

Here are a few of the elementary school topics which can be geared up of down for the specific K - 5 audience. Have a question? Email

  • Creating Characters with Character
  • Something Sounds Funny – Oh my, Onomatopoeias
  • Happily Ever After – How great endings make better beginnings
  • Bad Ideas Make the Best Ideas
  • Story Blender – Remixing your favorite stories into something new
  • Story Hunt – Finding the great ideas surrounding you
  • Startup Stories

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"My students loved the Moka Boka books just as much as they loved Charlie coming into our classroom and reading the books and helping us write our own adventures! One of their favorite things of all the year!"

Katie Sloan, First Grade