About Moka Boka

Moka Boka was founded in 2016 on the belief that creativity and imagination are two things a child should never be without. It was started by our families to serve your families. We set out with a few simple goals:

  • Make children's faces light up with big smiles
  • Bring families together over stories that are fun for everyone
  • Encourage wild imaginations
  • Stretch the boundaries of possibility
  • Fill lives with wide-eyed wonderment
  • Get children excited about reading stories and telling their own tales

These Moka Boka books have been a labour of love for us. We hope they find a special place on your bookshelf, in your heart and with your family as well.

About The Founding Families

The Wollborg Family

The fairy tale began over a decade ago when Charlie and Elena fell in love. After a host of amazing adventures in the mountains and cities of America, they got busy filling the bedrooms of their big blue house. Now their two young sons with wild imaginations and boundless energy rule the roost. Lanagan and Cooper inspire even more fantastical journeys and tall tales.

The Chambers Family

Paul met Jennifer when she was the girl next door at Michigan State University. She had some computer trouble and Paul, being the nerd that he was, offered to fix it for her. Well, the repair ran on for a few weeks and he eventually convinced her that he had many desirable traits of a future husband. Fast forward many years and Paul and Jen are now parents of two beautiful twin girls and an energetic little boy.

“Your books are such a delight!!   And the sticker
and extra page to color are fun too.”

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