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    Make your kids the heroes of their own stories!

Did you know there are over 278,784 different combinations of hairstyles, skin tones, shirt colors you can use to customize a Moka Boka book for you kids?

Get children excited about reading with Moka Boka

The only thing better than a good book is a good book starring you!

With just a few clicks, you can create a fun, epic, one-of-a-kind adventure book with your kids as the heroes. Customize names, hairstyles, skin tones, favorite colors and more.

Watch your kids' eyes light up when the package arrives at your door, created just for your family with a little Moka Boka love and magic.

Put My Kids in the Book!

"Gabriel has read the book at least 10 times already! He was so excited to see the Moka Boka label."

Bring families together over stories that are fun for everyone

Who said bedtime stories have to be boring? Moka Boka creates a fantastical world filled with funny characters, thrilling adventures, silly sound effects, and plenty of pop culture references.

The continuing adventures will have you and your kids cuddled up for fun. Much like your favorite Pixar films, these stories are made for the whole family to enjoy together.

Preview Book One

Click the book above to hear Moka Boka author Charlie Wollborg read the first few pages of the Toybot Takeover!

Each custom book is just $19!

Inspire creativity

Every order also includes a free blank book to encourage wild imaginations. Your kids will love creating their own fantastic adventures.

Get your kids excited about reading and telling their own tales with Moka Boka.

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"The book is absolutely adorable. The kids love it (and we laughed too). We can’t wait for the next book!"

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